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by Aaron 28. December 2011 05:46

I subscribe to quite a few blogs.  I put them in Google Reader so that I can easily read them from my phone or my tablet.  When I run across one that seems like it might be useful to me, either now or later, I "star" it.

Recently I decided to go back through my starred posts looking for posts on useful utilities.  I really look for anything that can keep my machine clean, running faster, help with productivity, whatever.  I wish I could double-star those because of how useful I find them.

This time around, the article that stood out for me, and I've gone back to it several times, is Scott Hanselman's 2011 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows.  Say that three times fast.  Seriously.

The author, Scott Hanselman [blog | Twitter], apparently updates this list every year or two.  I already use a few of those utilities, but the one that I overlooked until a few days ago is Windows Live Writer.

One of my [failed] goals this year was to do a lot more publishing on all of my blog sites.  I find that it's maybe more than a little inconvenient to log into the various sites, go into the editor, which may or may not be very friendly (it is the web after all), write, spell-check, proof-read, and publish.  Windows Live Writer gives me a unified front for doing just that.

When I set up Windows Live Writer for this blog site, and the others, it downloaded the stylesheets.  It appears to be giving me an accurate view of what my post will look like once it’s published to the site!  The rich text editor in BlogEngine.NET doesn’t even do that for me.  There's a Preview tab so if this isn't good enough, I can see what it’ll look like on the site itself.

While this is obviously going to help me publish more blog posts, I still need to find something for mobile devices.  I find that using my tablet is easier than carting my laptop around the house.  Also, the aforementioned rich text editor in BE.NET isn't very Android browser friendly.  If anybody has a recommendation for something on Android, I would love to hear about it.

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