Internet Explorer 9 - Awesome with some exceptions

by Aaron 26. March 2011 02:28

I installed IE9 once it was released recently.  My initial impression was, "meh."  It looked like it has some improved looks, but I noticed it took a sort of minimalistic layout ala Chrome.  I didn't like that at first, but somebody probably put some time into the coming up with the layout.  Also, do I really use the status bar anymore?  I couldn't remember using it for anything except checking what URL a link poiints to.  The status bar isn't necessary for that anymore.

I tested the browser against a couple of experiments on  I was impressed!  It outperformed Firefox on the same tests and performed comparably to Chrome and Opera.  I tested it with GeoDocs, and it was faster than it's IE8 sibling.

I checked out the Developer Toolbar that's built into the browser and was more than a little pleased to find that there's now, much like Firebug for Firefox, a network tab.  Now I don't have to use Fiddler2 or the Web Development Helper to monitor web requests in IE.

Now for the exceptions.  With every version of IE comes some new style issues.  Several sites that I visited have layout issues in IE9.  Nationwide Children's Hospital, for example, has an issue on their home page (at least) where the middle content renders after the right column.  Why can't Microsoft be consistent with padding and margins?

The other thing that I noticed is that the editors in both blogs that I maintain don't work.  In Wordpress, the editor isn't accessible with the mouse unless I turn on IE9 compatibility mode.  The editor in BlogEngine.NET won't pop up dialogs to insert links unless, again, I turn on IE9 compatibility mode.

Those are the only real issues that I've found so far, but now I have to support CSS for yet another version of IE.  Firefox has some differences between versions, but IE has been the bane of every web developer's existence.

Regardless of my new pain as a developer, I'm very happy as a user.

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