Progress Toward My Goals

by Aaron 21. February 2011 03:19

Today is President's Day, and my son's daycare is closed.  I just put him down for a much needed nap.  At this point, I have a lot of choices for things I can do: work, read, watch TV, write a blog post, etc.  I'm choosing to write a blog post.

My topic is how I'm doing with my goals so far.  Some I'm doing well, but others I'm starting to fall behind and miss my milestones.

Workout More

I completed my initial 6-week goal.  It was tough!  I was good for the first four weeks.  Week five, I lost motivation, but I still managed to force myself to do it.  Week six was BUSY, but I still managed to squeeze in the time.  My new goal is repeatedly complete four consecutive weeks.  How will I know if I've completed my four weeks?  I get a haircut.

Last week was week seven, and I was a little under the weather, so I took the week off.  This is week eight, and I'm running out of excuses.  Today is only Monday though, so I think I can get the exercise in this week.

Read 3 Professional Books

I completed one book a week or two ago.  It was Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers (blog | twitter).  I'll write a review for it in my next post.  In short though: fantastic!  I've made significant changes to how I do my work just from reading that book alone.

Currently, I'm deep into my second book The Art of Unit Testing by Roy Osherove (blog | twitter).  I'll write a review about it once I've completed it too.  This is also my first experience with a text book on my Nook.  I'll also discuss that in the review, or maybe as a separate post so I can talk about reading a text book on the Nook a little more in depth.


I could go into each of the others, but most of them I'm not making much if any progress.  I'm definitely getting better at TDD and writing more and mo' better unit tests.  I'm not making progress on video games or my Microsoft certification (which isn't called MCSD anymore).

I am also drinking less though, and being less of an asshole more patient.  Some days are harder on my patience than others.  I have very little tolerance for repeating myself, but maybe I have to repeat myself because I'm not communicating clearly.  Maybe that's something else I can work on: better communication.

Keep watching though.  I'll keep at it.

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