Verizon Wireless Customer Service - Follow-up

by Aaron 26. March 2011 02:15

Several weeks ago, I posted my experience with Verizon Wireless.  They told me that I would hear something regarding my missing credit.  As I expected, and you probably did too, I didn't hear anything.  I gave them a call to ask what was going on.

The guy this time seemed to be a little more in touch with how things work at his company.  He pointed out that I made the request and change after the end of the billing cycle.  He then told me how what the previous reps told me was wrong and that they can't go back and change things after the billing cycle has closed.

I'm usually pretty patient, but based on his tone, I suspected they weren't going to do anything.  That irritated me a lot.  I changed my tone of voice, but the guy assured me that they were going to do something for me because they had promised they would.

They credited my bill with half of what I was expecting.  He asked if that was okay, I conceded because I felt like it was a reasonable compromise.  It wasn't their fault that we went over our minutes so badly, and the reality is that they didn't have to do a damn thing!

I'm not as happy as I could be, but I'm pleased that they didn't totally blow me off after all of this.  Will I continue to use Verizon Wireless?  Of course.  Will I tell everybody that their customer service is outstanding?  Hell no.  I'm happy that they did something for me, but I'm disappointed that not all of their staff is trained enough to know about this kind of thing which I suspect happens more often than not.

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Verizon Wireless Customer Service

by Aaron 5. March 2011 03:27

Last month we got a bill from Verizon Wireless for $487.  That was over $300 more than normal!  To say the least, I was panicked thinking that there was some kind of a mistake.  I found the mistake was letting my wife have a cell phone.

The only thing I knew I could do was kiss Verizon's ass.  I called them and asked if they could increase my plan to the next level, making it retroactive to offset the overage charges.  Thankfully they said yes.

We went through the process without issue.  I asked the rep on the phone several times before hanging up that my bill would be credited.  She said it would.  She went so far as to tell me that I could just pay the $190 that was now due instead of the statement balance.

I decided to go ahead and pay the full amount knowing that I would have no bill the next month, then a reduced bill the following month.  I also fully expected to have a late fee and collections issue if I didn't pay the full amount regardless of what she told me.  To my surprise, I got a bill a couple of days ago for $200!  WTF???

I called up customer service again.  The rep was friendly, as was I, and she tried to explain to me that they refunded the rate last month and added on the current rate.  After a little back and forth, she finally understood and saw my situation: I didn't get the $297 overage credit that I should have.

Fortunately for me that the previous rep had fully noted the account with all of the appropriate info, but there appeared to be some mistake made where I didn't get the refund.  Unfortunately it had to go to accounting, and it's Saturday so they're not in today, and blah blah blah.

She was very reassuring that I should get the credit on my account, and I'll get a note on My Verizon after everything has been worked out.

I'd say that if I have to call again, it'll be the last chance they've got to retain me as a customer.  Instead, I'll be honest: I'll continue to be a customer, but I'm going to bitch and moan about how they screwed me over and tell people about how awful their service is.

As it stands right now though, I've been happy with the service reps I've talked to thus far, and I expect that to continue.  I think they're going to make this right, and I'll continue to be happy with a few exceptions here and there.

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