My New Office

by Aaron 16. August 2011 04:49

I didn't announce it, but I recently left AWH to join the Great Migrations team as a new partner! It's a really exciting opportunity for me, and it should prove interesting.

Because we're a small product team, we all work from our homes. That's great, except for a few things:

  1. When I worked from home while at AWH, I sat at the kitchen table and worked from my laptop. This was because of the next few reasons.
  2. My office is a wreck. Some of Sarah's stuff is in here, there's clutter everywhere.
  3. My desk is the same roll-away desk I got as a junior in college (over a decade ago).
  4. My monitor is an old 17" (19"?) CRT.
  5. It's dark, I'm hungry, and there's nobody to laugh at my various witty remarks.

The good news is that most of that is easily remedied!

A little over a week ago, Sarah and I borrowed my mother-in-law's van and went to IKEA with a couple of friends. While there, we got some furniture for my son's new bedroom, and we picked up a desk for me.

Once we got home, I started clearing out the office. I moved everything out that I needed to, filling another room and blocking the front door. Sarah took some of her stuff upstairs, and I assembled the desk.

The desk that I got is the Galant series corner desk with an extension on each end. I experienced this particular desk while I was at AWH, and for IKEA, it's pretty sturdy. There's a good brace underneath the table top that holds any weight pretty well, and the legs are pretty solid. Assembly wasn't too bad. I had it together in an hour or so.

In addition to the desk, I ordered a couple of monitors from They had the Hannspree 23" LCDs on sale for $140/each with free shipping. I ordered three: two for me; one for Sarah.

After getting everything set up, I continued to clean the office and organize it. Here's a picture of the office:

The new office

Here's a picture of my officemate:

My officemate (it's a spider!)

Here in the home office, I have a strict "I'm going to kill my officemates eventually" policy. Your days are numbered my friend...

I need to hang some office policies around the room too. I was thinking about printing and posting the office sexual harassment policy, which is pretty strict:

Sexual Harassment Policy:
Strictly NO sexual harassment!

Not sure where to put it though...

Anyway, that takes care of the first few things on the list, but what about #5? I end up talking to myself by the end of the day. It's going to require some effort on my part and on the part of my friends. I need to get out and meet up with people for lunch, code and coffee, drinks, whatever. I need to get out.

So, if you haven't seen me for a while, let me know and we can get together! I'll be happy to get out of the office and see some friendly faces.

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